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Artists, sculptors, architects, graphic artists, monumentalists, designers, art historians (with higher art education) can become corresponding and full members of the Academy. A corresponding member can become a full member of the Academy in 3 years after joining the Academy.

Admission conditions:

Necessary documents for joining the World Academy of Arts “New Era”:

  • application for membership to the Academy
  • copy of passport
  • curriculum vitae (in Russian and in English)
  • list of exhibitions (in Russian and in English)
  • photos of ten works
  • personal photo: 10*15 cm (1), 3*4 cm (1)
  • documents of awards

Desirable information:

  • your advice and wishes to the Academy
  • the best museums and galleries in your country (address, telephone number, e-mail)
  • information about patrons of arts and collectors of your country
  • information about talented artists of your country, who are worthy of becoming a member of the Academy

All the listed documents (documents are the same for full and corresponding members) should be sent to the following address .  

The Academy is a self-financed organization, that is why the granted entrance fee is provided by the Academy regulations which goes to its development, registration, keeping and transportation of the pictures; lease of exhibit rooms; participation in international auctions; advertising, publication of albums and other printing materials; designing and production of the attributes of the Academy (including certificates of its members, diplomas, academic ribbons, gowns, medals, cases for them, etc.); holding international symposia with participation of leading art critics. The whole amount of a fee is transferred to the account of the Academy indicated in the agreement which is concluded between an artist and the Academy represented by its president Silov A.A.

The Academy will inform you about the place, date and time of the state reception and ceremony of handing out diplomas, when your documents are received and processed.

 To participate in the earliest international academic exhibition you are to bring 2-5 paintings preferably in frames to Russia. Give the information about the name of the artist, title of the painting and its price on the back of the painting.

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