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Ceremonial academic dress

Ceremonial academic dress consists of a robe, a headwear, a tassel and a sash. Academic dress is a historically traditional dress, which is worn in the academic community. Although nowadays we can see it only during formal ceremonies, it was used as everyday dress in the old days (now it is worn in some old universities). The history of academic regalia started in the Middle Ages. Universities of that time derived from church schools. The dress of professors and students was strictly prescribed and copied the clerk’s dress, in other words, еру dress worn by monks. Moreover, this was everyday clothes. Well after, this dress was converted into a robe, which they began to put on only for formal events. Later European universities invented more fashionable tunics with open stand and wide shortened sleeves. This variant is a prototype of modern robes.

Nowadays the main parts of an academic dress are a robe and a mortarboard (bonnet). A modern robe has almost the same features as those of its predecessor. An academic degree could be identified by the complexity of the fit and fabrication. These traditions still exist. A square academic cap with a tassel, a mortarboard, meant the unity of all the sides of life and the perseverance of those who acquired the knowledge. The mortarboard turned into a symbol of academic achievements. A tassel is a vital element of academic dress. Undergraduates wear it on the right side of the mortarboard, while graduates and academicians have earned the right to wear it on the left side. The rearrangement of the tassel is a significant moment of the ceremony of graduation.

Церемониальная одежда академиков АХМ

The academic robe made of gabardine with the white satin band-collar decorated with golden lacing, is fabricated using the classic paper patterns of the Sorbonne, the legendary university of France.

The mortarboard is made of gabardine and decorated with golden piping and golden tassel.

The sash is made of satin and is a scarf with triangular ends and golden tassels on them. The emblem of the Academy, the symbolic globe, and the letterings «ACADEMICIAN» «WORLD’S ACADEMY OF ARTS “NEW ERA”»on the sides, are embroidered on the sash.

  • A robe and a mortarboard of a full member of the Academy is burgundy with a white sash.
  • A robe and a mortarboard of a corresponding member of the Academy is white with a blue satin sash.


Диплом и удостоверение академика АХМ

The cover of the diploma of academicianis swifted with artificial leather of the color “gold mist”.
On the front side, the logo of the Academy and the word «DIPLOMA» are lettered with gold.
The inner side of a diploma is a half-transparent picture of the logo of the Academy on the globe.

  •  Last, first and middle names of academician, number of diploma, date and number of record of the Board of the Academy, during which the acceptation of the artist as a full or corresponding member of The World’s Academy of Arts “New Era” was issued, are stated in the diploma.
  • The information on the left side of the diploma is written in Russian, on the right side – in English.

The cover of the certificate of academician is swifted with artificial leather of the color “gold mist”.
The word «CERTIFICATE»on the front side and a flying-off dove on the globe on the reverse side are lettered with gold.

  • A photo of artist, last, first and middle names, conferee and post, occupied in the Academy are placed on the left inner side (in Russian). The number of the certificate and date of issue are also placed there.
  • Last, first and middle names, conferee and post, occupied in the Academy are written in English on the right side of the certificate.

Почётная грамота и почётный диплом Академии

An honorary certificate and
honorary diploma of the Academy
can be assigned for contribution into the study, formation and development of the effective experience of creative partnership, the creation of social, legal, informational, organizational and other conditions for creative self-realization of artists.
An honorary certificate and honorary diploma of the Academy can be issued to Russian and foreign citizens, and a person without citizenship: art experts, teachers, managers and specialists of federal and local authorities, social and other non-commercial and commercial organizations.

  • The presentation of honorary certificates and other rewards of the Academy is hold during formal ceremonies.
  • In case a person, who was assigned with a reward of the Academy, cannot visit the official ceremony, the certificate, diploma or other rewards which are to be handled to this person can be given to an authorized person or sent to them by post, or delivered later.


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