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Erol Kılıç

Gallery: Ofis Sanat Merkezi- Art Center
Date: 20/02/2014 - 20/03/2014

One of the most talented Turkish artists Erol Kılıç opened his personal exhibition «FROM TRADITION TO MODERNITY. MYSTICAL TRACES».
He is a original artist and a mature specialist who has her own style. The artist's works are distinguished in supremely imagery, which includes deep philosophical beginning.
The common feature of his works of art is the search for the spiritual sources and retrospect to a national culture. We can see Erol Kılıç is developing its capacity in the arts from year to year.
His work makes a great contribution to the national culture of Turkey.
We wish Mr Erol Kılıç new creative successes. May his work delights not only Turkish spectators, but also art lovers worldwide.



One more talented artist Nikolai Ulanovich Shinyaev from Kalmykia, became a full member of the World Academy of Arts "New Era" in November 2013.

Nikolai Shinyaev is widely known in his republic and far beyond its boundaries. The artist's painting is not standard and recognizable. He was able to develop his own individual style.

Bright and life-affirming pictures by N.Shinyaev it is a painting which he missed through his heart. The artist, in love with the beauty of his native land, writes her soulfully and fondly, dedicates his works to native steppe. His landscapes are full of light and sun, as if each painting emits light, the smells, the colors of life.
Changes in the spiritual life of society are reflected in his art work. Artist avoids realistic interpretation. His work is amazing that as profoundly emit and transmit the light. He is both a historian and poet, a philosopher and observer. The uniqueness of these paintings is determined by the depth of idea and professional performance.

Presidium of the Academy congratulates Nikolai Ulanovich and wishes him further creative successes.


September 4 this year in Nizhny Novgorod, died after a long illness, Professor, PhD in Architecture, full member of the World Academy of Arts "NEW ERA" Viktor Zubkov.

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To whom it may concern (continued)

Information about the results of the internal investigation of the incident with incorrect statements Professor Ahmet Atan during the protests in Taksim Gezi Park, Istanbul.

Professor Ahmet Atan no longer a member of the World Academy of Arts "NEW ERA".


To whom it may concern

Please be informed that our Academy has received 92 letters from citizens and non-governmental organizations of Turkey and other countries with an indication of the fact that during the protests in Taksim Gezi Park, Istanbul, a full member of the Academy Prof. Ahmet Atan had committed a few incorrect statements on his Twitter on the issue of the protesters’ nationality. Later, the tweets had been deleted. We got a screen capture of the deleted statements.

The administration of the Academy is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.
We will inform you on our website of the investigation and the action taken.

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From 20th to 30th June 2013 the International Festival of Arts Russalka-2013 was held at the Black Sea cost, Bulgaria. Traditionally, the organizers of the Festival were the "Russalka" International Art Center and the Art Gallery Panev.

The festival participants express profound gratitude to Maria Baneva, the President of the "Russalka" International Art Center, and Gabriel Panev, the manager of the gallery, for the excellent arrangements and personal approach to each participant.

The artists from across the world had the opportunity to communicate with each other on creative themes. Contemporary painting and plastic art of Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Jordan, Azerbaijan and Turkey were exhibited at the festival.

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…the mountain tops under snow caps are seen through the illuminators of the flight Moscow-Nakhichevan. The plane is softly approaching to land… Nakhichevan is a beautiful city, clean and green…

Anatoly Silov planned the trip to Nakhichevan five months ago. The purpose of journey is to admit a new full member of the WAA «New Era» Ulviya Gamzaeva, a talented artist.

Ulviya is the deputy of the City Council (Majlis) and a professor of the local University. She is a young artist but a mature specialist who has her own style. She has already taken part in many local and international exhibitions and is highly esteemed among local community and artistic world.

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The representative office of the World Academy of Arts «New Era» in Azerbaijan

At the beginning of June 2013 Anatoly Silov came with a scheduled visit to the representative office of the WAA «New Era» in Baku.

The President of the Academy organized a creative meeting with the Azerbaijan members of the Academy to discuss the current issues of the Academy’s work and the deadlines of constructing the building of the representative office of the Academy.
There is a gallery on the territory of the office and professor Arif Aziz, director of the representative office of the WAA «New Era» in Azerbaijan, was given the honorary right to organize the first exhibition. The opening of this exhibition will coincide with the completion of construction and commissioning of the office building.

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April 15-21, 2013. Istanbul. The international Exhibition of the World Academy of Arts «New Era» as part of the Festival of Russian Culture in Turkey.

The year 2013 was full of important events for the World Academy of Arts «New Era». One of them is the academy art exhibition within the framework of the Festival of Russian Culture in Turkey. It was opened at the Technical University of Istanbul through the courtesy of the university authorities.

Russia was represented by the famous artists such as A.Silov, A.Tikhomirov, V.Korobeinikov, V.Rzhevsky, V.Chebotkin, L.Gornichenko, Y.Nikiforov, A.Sidorov, A.Nikiforova. Daria Tikhomirova, a young and talented artist from Blagoveshchensk, also presented her works at the exhibition. She also became the member of the Academy. Anatoly Silov, President of the Academy «New Era», and the rector of the Technical University of Istanbul presented Daria with the Diploma and Full Academy Member Certificate. She is the representative of the younger generation of painters and a promising artist we put high hopes on.

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February 2013. Harbin, China. The International Exhibition «The friends’ gathering»

The International Exhibition “The friends’ gathering» was opened in the museum of Russian art on the Sun Island, Harbin. The artists from the South, Central Russia, Far East and China took part in its work.

The visitors and guests of the exhibition had a good opportunity to see the works of Krasnodar painters Ludmila Gornichenko and Alexander Tikhomirov, full members of our academy. They could also meet their old acquaintances from Moscow Sergey Goryaev and Konstantin Petrov, Alexander Tikhomirov and Alexei Sidorov from Blagoveshchensk.

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January 8. 27th Harbin International Ice Sculpture Competition was crowned with success

24 teams from eight countries created refined ice and snow works and presented them to Chinese and foreign visitors.
The first prize was given to the sculpture «Ice and Snow racer» under the motto «Motorsport against drugs», created by the team from the Amur Region, Russia.

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September 1, 2012.
The exhibition of paintings of the full members
of the World Academy of Arts «New Era»
and the thematic exhibition «God and Gods»
were opened in the shopping and leisure centre «Krasnodar», Gallery Artrium

The international collective exhibition of academy full members’ works and the thematic exhibition «God and Gods» were simultaneously in operation in the period of 1-5 September 2012 in Krasnodar.

The works of the best artists from five countries such as Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Russia and Turkey were represented at the collective exhibition. The works were performed in the genres like painting, sculpture, graphic arts and decorative and applied arts.

The thematic exhibition «God and Gods» showed the works of A. Silov, and A. Tikhomirov,
The pictures of A. Silov portray the gods and legends of the ancient world (Greece, Babylon, Sumer, Assyria, Akkadia, etc.). Tikhomirov’s works is shutter painting, a modern branch of the religious painting rooted in the ancient Russian icon painting.

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June 5, 2012. The creative meeting in Udalyanchi, China

The full members of the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era” got together at the creative meeting in the city of Udalyanchi on the 5th June 2012.
The organizers of the forum offered them a rich social program.

"There is a phenomenal area in China called Udalyanchi. One who looks at the local scenery begins to feel as if standing on the surface of another planet. Everything is different there. The black volcanic lava has spread all over the place, everything is covered by this. Nothing appears green in the area. The huge gaps and unexpected lakes give the landscape some alien look.

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The “Thanksgiving” exhibition in Velikiy Novgorod

The “Thanksgiving” exhibition performed during the course of the project “The Common Cultural Space” was opened in the Museum of Fine Arts of the Novgorod Museum (St. Sophia Square, 2) on the 27th July, 2012.
The full members of our Academy Alexander Smirnov (Moscow), Yuri Popkov (Moscow) and Alexander Tikhomirov (Blagoveshchensk) took part in the exhibition organization. The President of the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era” Anatoly Silovgave a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony. He said that the exhibition had brought together the like-minded artists from the remote parts of the country, who preserved a friendly, cultural and spiritual connection. The common feature of their art is the search for the spiritual sources and retrospect to a national culture.

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2nd InternationalExhibitioninGabalin

“2nd International Exhibition of Art painting in Gabalin” took place on 17-18, December 2011 in Gabala, Azerbaijan. The arrangers of the exhibition: Cultural Fund of Azerbaijan and SEBA (Seoul - Baku) Azerbaijan-Korean association of cultural exchange.

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Representation in Baku

The exhibition of painting and sculpture of active members of the world Academy of Arts “New Era” opened in the commonwealth of artists’ exhibition hall of Azerbaijan on September, 26.

Anatoliy Alexandrovich Silov, the president of the world Academy of Arts “New Era”, Valeriy Nikolaevich Rzhevskij, the vice-president of the architecture section, Hanlar Akhmedogly Akhmedov, the deputy of the Minister of Cultural Affairs of Azerbaijan appeared with a declamation at the exhibition opening.

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Meeting in Blagoveshchensk

9 September 2011 Rashid Nurgaliyev, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, held a meeting

with the heads of services and departments of the regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Blagoveshchensk (Amur region).

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Exhibition in Qiu Chuji

The 3rd North Asian exhibition of calligraphy, paintings and photo was opened on 3 September.

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«New Era» in Harbin. July 5, 2011

A new branch of the famous World’s Academy of Arts «New Era» will be open in the Museum of Modern Russian Art in Harbin, China. The Academy joins together the best modern artists from different countries and comprises 60 members..

To celebrate this event we admit new members to the Academy, these are very special people: Sergey Goryaev, People’s Artist of Russia, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Arts; two great Chinese artists Lu Dawei and Yu Zhi Sue and Lu Minsu, museum worker, literary man and public person.

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Creative Meeting, May 20, 2011

On May 20 the creative meeting of artists – full members of the Academy – was held in Cheboksary. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the project and to set creative tasks for the exhibition under the working title «Portrait Gallery».
The ceremony of admission of new Academy members was organized as part of the forum.

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Starting with February 22,
a new exposition of paintings by modern masters of pictorial art,
active members of the World’s Academy of Arts ‘New Era’,
is open for the public in hall 16 of the Central House of Artists.

Highly professional artists gladly share their inspired works with visitors, presenting vivid picturesque paintings, fine watercolor drawings, exquisite sculptures, beautiful ceramics and textiles.

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Ceremony of admission of new academy members

Official admission ceremony of new members of the World Academy of Arts «New Era».


Tikhomirov Alexander Evgenyevich (Russia, painting)

Popkov Yuri Nikolayevich (Russia, painting)

Smirnov Alexander Alekseyevich (Russia, sculpture)

Zuhal Arda (Turkey,painting)

Hristo Panev (Bulgaria, painting)

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Exhibition, 22 February 2011

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