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About International awards

The Medal “Painter of the new century”, order “Art of the Planet” and order “ Glory to the Art”
were established in 2008
by the UNESCO Institute of World Culture,
by the International Humanitarian Academy “Europe-Asia”,
by the Russian Academy of humanitarian sciences,
and the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era”.

медаль Академии Художеств Мира "Художник нового века"

Medal “Painter of the new Century” is awarded to:

  • Painters, architects, sculptors and other cultural workers when they become Members of the World Academy of Arts “New Era”.

In the nomination “A person in Fine Arts”
the medal “Painter of the new Century”  is awarded to:

  • persons who take an active part in the activity and development of the Academy.
  • directors and responsible workers of art galleries and art salons for their help and active cooperation with the Academy.
  • art critics for fruitful cooperation with the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era”.
орден Академии Художеств Мира "Искусство планеты"

In the nomination  “Painter of the Year”
the order “Art of the Planet”  is awarded to:

  • talented painters, architects and other cultural workers for outstanding achievements in their own sphere during one year.
  • for the highest achievements in creative activity and active participation in international exhibitions and symposia.
  • to outstanding artists to celebrate their jubilee (not less than 30 years of creative activity).

In the nomination «Персона в культуре»
the order “Art of the Planet” is awarded to:

  • diplomats, ministers of culture businessmen for outstanding contribution to the coordination of the activity of the world artists, rising of their objective authority and widening of the possibilities of active cooperation.
  • cultural workers in fine Arts and Architecture for weighty contribution to the development and strengthening of the position of art on the international arena.
орден Академии Художеств Мира "Слава искусству"

In the nomination “A Person In Art Education”
the order “Glory to Art”  is awarded to:

  • teachers of art academies for creative approach to the education of talented youth.
  • students of Higher Art Schools for original creative view on fine arts.

Special nomination:
 The order “Glory to Art”is awarded to:

  • foreign guests for their contribution in bringing together and cooperation of Art Academy and Art Unions of different countries.
  • veterans of Fine Arts for the contribution into the art history of their country and the world.
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