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Goals and objectives

Academy plans

Academy awards


Presidium of WAA

Academicians and
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Aims and objectives

  • The aim of the Academy activity is to provide services in the sphere of culture and art, to create modern international center of studying and assistance of the fine art development.
  • To coordinate artists activity, to hold international exhibitions among the artists of young and old generations.
  • To research arts, cultural traditions of the world, to work out plans and actions of their preservation and development.
  • To cooperate with the leading auction houses, to organize the participation of the works of young artists and recognized masters-members of the academy.
  • To issue annual album-catalogues that will contain the works of members of the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era”.
  • To assist young talents in reaching their highly artistic projects. To protect the rights and interests of creative young people - bearers of cultural traditions, to create social, legal, informational, organizational and other conditions for their creative self-realization.
  • To find and set up contacts, to develop and support the connections and interaction between artists and art institutions, and cultural people of the world.
  • To participate in the work of the international organizations according to the type of their activity, to organize specialist and program exchange.
  • Publishing activity, making films and photos, creation of the electronic data base, virtual funds and exhibitions, issuing information materials, discussion of the matters within their competence in mass media.
  • To create professional and intellectual groups, centers and structures to fulfill different architectural and monumental orders, programs, complex projects.
  • To encourage talented artists and architects for their results, to reward the best of them by medals and other types of national and international awards.
  • To propagate the ideas of humanism and tolerance, democracy, world culture and international civil agreement.
  • To take measures of forming and consolidation of the objective attitude towards the people of the fine art from young to wise-old artist in the world and in a definite country.

Plans of the academy

  • To arrange international art exhibitions of academicians in different countries.
  • To arrange international exhibitions, symposia and biennale on sculpture and architecture in different countries.
  • To arrange international scientific and practical conference, seminars on urgent problems of the development of modern arts in the world.
  • To hold general meetings and symposia every 3 years with the participation of the leading art critics.
  • To arrange international competitions and biennale on practical realization of architectural projects.
  • The Academy will conclude treaties for architectural projecting of complexes and monumental design in Russia and in any other country.
  • The Academy will take part in the world arts auctions on common basis.
  • To time the exhibitions of the works of the academicians to international jubilee celebrations (UNESCO, UNO, Olympic Games, etc.)
  • To issue DVD-discs of the works of separate artists and general exhibitions.
  • To issue badges and memorable gifts in the form of medals for the participants of the exhibitions and guests of honor.
  • To arrange the Academy’s own Publishing House which will issue catalogues of the exhibitions and any other printing materials connected with the activity of the Academy.
  • To issue catalogues on each exhibition, each continent, general catalogues of the artists’ works.
  • To issue annual album-catalogues that will contain the works of members of the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era”.
  • To issue an international reference book with the addresses and telephone numbers of the academy members.
  • To publish an almanac “Biographies of the academicians of the World Academy of Arts “New Era”.



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